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BabyBabyBinamon is the latest in a series of ‘Baby’ tokens which allow for investors to receive DOUBLE REWARDS! When you invest in BabyBabyBinamon you get rewarded in BabyBinamon, this in turn rewards you in Binamon, one of the biggest NFT games on the Binance Smart Chain!

It works by a small tax being taken on each buy and sell within the BabyBabyBinamon ecosystem, this tax is used to purchase BabyBinamon, which in turn earns you Binamon!

It really is a no brainer, stop buying tokens you have to sell to make profit.

Buy BabyBabyBinamon, sit back and relax as you earn passively.

Why Invest In Baby Baby Binamon?

Investing in DeFi has largely become a minefield with scams and rugs popping up everywhere, as a result of this investors are largely scared of new projects and tend to get in and out as quickly as possible.

We are committed to launching a safe, long term project to allow for our investors to feel comfortable enough to hold long term, passively earning both BabyBinamon and Binamon should allow for investors to still be profitable without having to exit at a 2x

How To Buy $BabyBabyBinamon

Step 1

Download the MetaMask Chrome Extension or mobile app.

Setup your account & add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list.

Step 2

Use Binance / another exchange to purchase BNB and send it over to your MetaMask Wallet Address.

Or if you already have BNB, simply send it to your MetaMask Wallet.

Step 3

Head over to the PanCake Swap Exchange and swap your BNB for $BABYBABYBINAMON.
(if you already hold another token, you can swap that directly for $BABYBINAMON too)

Step 4

Congratulations! You are now an Official Baby Baby Binamon.

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Baby Baby Binamon promises to be 100% transparent with our investors. You don’t need to worry about any sketchy burns, disproportionate wallets or malicious code, our tokenomics are set out below and have been built with our investors in mind.

16% Transaction Tax



Liquidity Pool


Marketing Wallet



One Hundred Billion Initial Supply

Liquidity: 100%

Suggested Slippage: 16%

100% of the liquidity is locked for 6 months and will be locked again following the timer hitting 0. No burns, no disproportionate wallets and totally fair launched.

We would like to extend our thanks to you, our potential investor for believing in the $BabyBabyBinamon team and allowing us to turn our vision for this project into a reality.

Without you we would not be able to make this project into the biggest rewards token within DeFi, we hope you’re proud of yourself for being a $BabyBabyBinamon investor, because we are thrilled to have you on board.

Together, we can ensure that the name $BabyBabyBinamon becomes synonymous with DeFi as a project that changed the face of rewards tokens and established a new trend in passive income.

Thank you,
The Baby Binamon team.